Sunday, 26 August 2012


TrojanHunter searches for and removes trojans from your system. With an easy-to-use Scanner and a Guard that scans in the background TrojanHunter is a must-have complement to your virus scanner. If you are downloading files from the Internet, you need TrojanHunter!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

XSS Persistence Demo [video]

Penjelesan dan video mengenai XSS Persistence Demo

Thursday, 23 August 2012

tutorial r00t on server

This small book is will explain
you how professional hackers got root on servers.
this book is for beginner.

Leassons Of Book

Lesson 1- What is Root ?
Lesson 2- How can I get on the Root ?
Lesson 3- Local root and how to search for
him ?
Lesson 4- How connect the server ?
Lesson 5- How to get Root access ?
Lesson 6- What happen after the root ?
Lesson 7- The withdrawal of my domain ?
Lesson 8- How to do mass deface ?
Lesson 9- How to register the hacked
websites on Zoneh?
Lesson 10- How to clear tracks from server ?

Download Link -
bila download korang dapat tools + pdf


BoNeSi- A New DDoS Botnet Simulator Tool Available For Download

After Armageddon now we got BoNeSi, the DDoS Botnet Simulator is a Tool to simulate Botnet Traffic in a testbed environment on the wire. It is designed to study the effect of DDoS attacks. BoNeSi generates ICMP, UDP and TCP (HTTP) flooding attacks from a defined botnet size (different IP addresses). BoNeSi is highly configurable and rates, data volume, source IP addresses, URLs and other parameters can be configured. There are plenty of other tools out there to spoof IP addresses with UDP and ICMP, but for TCP spoofing, there is no solution. BoNeSi is the first tool to simulate HTTP-GET floods from large-scale bot networks. BoNeSi also tries to avoid to generate packets with easy identifiable patterns (which can be filtered out easily).
It is highly recommend to run BoNeSi in a closed testbed environment. However, UDP and ICMP attacks could be run in the internet as well, but you should be carefull. HTTP-Flooding attacks can not be simulated in the internet, because answers from the webserver must be routed back to the host running BoNeSi. A demo video of BoNeSi in action can be found here.
To Download BoNeSi Click Here

BT5 R3 preview was released!!

BT5 R3 preview was released  in BlackHat 2012 Las Vegas for the enjoyment of conference attendees. The main aim of that pre-release was to figure out their last bug reports and tool suggestions from the BH / Defcon crowds. This final release mainly focuses on bug-fixes as well as the addition of over 60 new tool. A whole new tool category was populated – “Physical Exploitation”, which now includes tools such as the Arduino IDE and libraries, as well as the Kautilya Teensy payload collection.
As usual KDE and GNOME, 32/64 bit ISOs, have been released a single VMware Image (Gnome, 32 bit). 
We would also like to give to reminder that the first release candidate (R1) of BackTrack 5 was released in August last year. Later in March this year we got the second release candidate (R2) of BT 5. 
For those requiring other VM flavors of BackTrack If you want to build your own VMWare image then instructions can be found in the BackTrack Wiki. Direct ISO downloads will be available once all our HTTP mirrors have synched. But still you can download BackTrack 5 R3 via torrent from the below links. 

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